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Latin Heart music from The Andes

The music culture of the Andes, remains today a vibrant and influential part of Latin and South American music. While the sound of panpipes is embedded in tradition, these Andean Songs have been given a new flavour through the diversity of Latin Heart.

The fusion of modern and traditional instruments that has been applied to each of the songs creates a vibrant sound that still respects the originality of the customs of the Andean people.

Discover the Wonders of Latin America 
in our Authentic Dance, Music, Food,




Explore the Rythms & Dances of Peru's Coastal Regions with native instructor Martin Charcape from Peru.

Participants will learn some of the most well known traditional rythms, songs & dances from the Cajon (wooden box drum) now considered a staple in Latin Percussion kits around the globe, to the exciting footwork. This friendly workshop will share the beauty of Peru's African Heritage and demonstrate how percussion & dance are intergrated






Dance the hottest rhythms From Latin American


Learn to dance listening to the most popular Afro Latin Caribbean American sounds.

Enjoy the passion and the Latin spirit of the most popular Latin dances.

Also available: parent and staff after-school salsa sessions.

Easy Salsa & Merengue lesson

Peruvian Cuisine Workshops for Schools & Colleges
Try The Exquisite taste of Peruvian Food

Food plays an integral role in Peruvian culture. Good cooking and an understanding of a fine table is maybe the most widespread habit among Peruvians. All things are eaten and for every occasion: when babies are born, when the old die, when children turn into adults, when the truth is to be told, or perhaps a little white lie. Food is used to seduce, to convince and most importantly to love.

Peru was blessed with lands and seas of divine abundance and the Peruvians, for centuries now, have given thanks for this gift through cooking and eating.

Peruvian cuisine has universal fame and is considered the best in Latin America. Quantity and quality go hand in hand when exquisite food is offered with flavours, colours, aromas and textures that have no comparison elsewhere. These delicious fruits, grains, vegetables, tubers, fish, seafood, fowl and meat mixed with spices, sauces, liquors and herbs satisfy the most demanding of palates.


Latin Heart offers the most exquisite dishes for workshops.
Peruvian cookery demonstrations and tasting sessions where facilities exist in schools, colleges and private enterprises.


Special events:  parties, buffets, birthdays, festivals, anniversaries, weddings, or your Latin event.

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