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Activities for Music & Dance Workshops

  1. Quick introduction about  Latin American ( Location, geography and population ). Then a more particular explanation about Peru. ( 5 minutes )

  2. Display of a short DVD movie ( around 5 minutes ) explaining the most    important aspects of Peru, its customs, food, dance, culture, geography, population, history, famous places, flora and fauna.

  3. A short live musical performance of the music from the Andes. (around 15 minutes )

  4. Exhibition and explanation of clothing and musical instruments from the Peruvian Andes. ( 10 minutes )

  5. Questions and answers. ( 5 minutes )

  6. Latin popular music: Basic dance lesson in Salsa and Merengue, which are the two most popular rhythms in Latin America.

  7. The average duration of our workshop is about 1 hour. The above programme can be altered according to requirements.



Latin American Cuisine Workshops_ Peruvian Cookery demonstrarion and tasting session, where facilities exist





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